Self-Care Tips for Teachers

Teachers must be mindful of their own sense of well-being and the factors influencing it. They must take care to build their own resilience against professional and personal burnout. Children feed-off the moods of teachers, a teacher’s negative emotion like fear will only increase the fear in a child. This seemingly unnatural super -human ability of suppressing emotions may take toll on some teachers. It is important for teachers to take time to evaluate their moods, destress, and promote positivity throughout the classroom not just for the students, but for themselves as well.

It is critical for teachers to practice positive self- care outside of the classroom to reduce stress and have a positive sense of well-being. Following is a list of tools that you may find beneficial or use as a starting point for brainstorming your own ideas.

1. Learn to say no when asked to take on additional responsibilities during high stress periods of testing and grading.

2. Take a break for a few minutes when necessary during the day to recharge both physically and mentally by just being quiet and still giving yourself a chance to decompress from everything.

3. Rely on the strength of an existing habit to make a new habit that automatically promotes well-being such as playing a favorite CD every morning on the way to work.

4. Reducing your own stress will improve your own well-being and attitude about teaching which carries over to your students.

5. The button to point 2 of the Dream to Live program will provide more strategies for reducing stress and tools for more coping strategies.