A Crisis Action Plan

Tool Introduction: This is the third and final point of the program. It is the Plan-Choose to Live. It is an alternative to a suicide plan. It is your individual plan and tailored to fit your needs. Before you can develop your plan ideally you must first identify 3 support people that would be there for you during a crisis. You at least need one support person and the more you have the better. It is to be developed with the help of each individual support person.


The purpose of this plan is to help facilitate difficult conversations with our support people and work together with them on a course of actions to keep everyone safe during the red crisis zone situation

This plan is to be developed with your support person before there is a crisis. The crisis is about losing control and that looks different for everyone and is dependent upon the issue and needs. Someone with an anger control issue could use this tool by going to their support person and saying, “I get so mad and really struggle with controlling my anger; I am really scared that I will hurt my child.” The agreed upon action in this situation could be that the support person would help identify the anger triggers and they would be called to take the child. Those that struggles with addictions may find this to be a beneficial tool to prevent a lapse during times of weaknesses. Whatever the crisis, this tool is about having a prearranged course of action readily available when you need it most.


Again, this plan of action is going to look different for everyone.

Some possibilities of how this could look: a support person could come to your home and stay with you to ensure your safety by removing potential hazards or weapons. The plan could be that you will go to the support person for safety, watch favorite movies so the support can monitor the situation as you have agreed to a thought of suicide without any intent would be best handled by this course of action. The agreed upon plans of actions are going to be different with each support person as they must be something the support person is comfortable doing and meet your needs. Once you have your three supports number them 1 –?  with one being the course of action, you like best. This will be order in which you will contact your supports when in the red zone in case if your first choice is unavailable at the time, and do not limit yourself to just three. The more you have the better your options and the bigger your tool collection in your tool box.






Also list your favorite/ best strategies that you used in the yellow zone that got you back in the green. Now is not the time for trying to remember them or trying something new.  We are not thinking clearly in these crisis situations and being able to implement the tried and true strategies from a list as fast as possible is imperative.  DO SO HERE

My Personal Example of Dream to Live- Illustrating this tool.

My #1 support person – My Husband

Agreed Plan of Action: He tells me when he is concerned by behaviors. I tell him when there are changes in thoughts. Together we inventory thoughts to assess my condition to determine if emergency treatment or an appointment is necessary

My Favorite/Best Coping Strategies:

Staying in the here and now, escaping mentally to my favorite place, and playing a game on my phone work best for me.

   Just having this open honest conversation with my husband and having this plan has done the most to improve my well-being as I no longer must hide my dark side nor do I fear the unknown consequences. It has also brought us closer together as a couple which does wonders for improving my outlook on life.

It is my hope that by sharing my experiences, findings, and tools that it will help you as well.  I know Life Sucks, and I also know suicide is far worse. Please help yourself, and don’t put your mother and loved ones through this same heartache and pain. You are irreplaceable and life will never be the same without you in it.

Moms- This tool is a great way to start the most difficult conversations with our children and those that we love most.