Overview History of Dream to Live

My major is Advocacy and Mentoring, which is rooted both in Psychology and Sociology. As a university student, I have access to all these academia studies, and in my research I applied both perspectives to them.  Additionally, I am not only a survivor of suicide because of my son. I am also a survivor of attempted suicide. All of which provided different perspectives to the understanding of these studies and new insights into them.

I came to realize that preventions in suicide aimed at the masses will never be enough, because it is an individual choice, and each needs to apply it to their own situation. Additionally,  the best preventions are those aimed at preventing the contemplation of suicide, and are not just supportive measures for those facing it. Even a remote risk of suicide is still a risk to life and a danger to dreams.

Life is unpredictable, and accepting the possibility of life pushing you to this point and your own risk of contemplating suicide gives you the power to prevent it. Suicide ends when each of us make the choice to live, and are provided with tools to improve our outlook on life , our ability to cope with life, and an action plan should all else fail aimed at living life.