The Story behind KYVO

WHAT IS KYVO? THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS A NEW APPROACH in SUICIDE PREVENTION. We recognize each suicide is an individual choice, thus we create and promote tools and ideas that help individuals see life as the better option and an easier choice to make.

My greatest quest has been to understand suicide and our failure to prevent my son’s. My husband and I have both received formal suicide prevention training, and my father is a retired high school principal. All of us were together in the days prior to his death, and yet none of us saw any indications of it. I had to understand the cause for this failure. It was thus research that led to the creation of Dream to Live: The three- point plan to stop suicide.

I know Life Sucks and the seemingly impossible option of making the choice to live. However, I also know the pain from a completed suicide is far worse.

Each point in this plan is a tool to help make the choice to live an easier and better option.

My greatest quest quickly became an obsession as I the more I learned the more I wanted to know and understand. Before I knew it; I had a new approach to prevent suicide. This fueled my passion to prevent others from having to experience this same tragedy, and the creation of KYVO.  

KYVO is the name my son Kyle dreamed of having as it is his nickname combined with the initials of his step-father’s last name V and O.

His step-father was Dad to him and they both shared the dream of Kyle becoming KYVO. Alas, the dream of KYVO died when Kyle chose suicide and completed it.

My comfort with our tragedy is based in my passion for this cause. Kyle chose death before his adult life even had a chance to get started and he had opportunity to make his own dreams come true. Yet, because of him, we are able to have the benefit of KYVO; making his dream of being KYVO a reality.