• Julie V

    I have became an open book, and so can you. There is nothing to fear, some of us can’t understand how anyone could consider suicide while others are just barely hanging on and are so overwhelmed by life that the pain is unbearable, and then there is everything in the middle. It doesn’t matter where you fall between these two extremes; all of us have something to learn from each other and offer to help others. Those that find themselves towards the end of not understanding how anyone could complete suicide; I urge you to please share with us how you keep yourself from feeling that way and what you do when life becomes overwhelming. Those that fall to the other extreme; I urge you to please share your experiences. Help us to become more empathetic to those in this situation, and I hope you find comfort in knowing you are not alone. All of us need to share our strategies for when things get bad so we can help each other live happier lives and have the necessary tools to deal with life when it sucks the most.

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